Blog Revamped

They say the best writers are the ones who produce the most, writing 100 words a day will eventually mean that you will write something good enough, right?

A few touches here and there and a bit of vibe changing for this platform have taken place, including the strategy of what is to be posted.

I will still focus on personal experience and stories, Allah knows there are too many of them for my stubborn blocked mind to write about, also I will write in both languages, Arabic and English, wether the same post will have two versions (might happen, rarely) or a post would just be in either.

It easier to write about wanting to write than actually writing anything useful, nevertheless since my new mojo is to break all fears and mental barriers, it is time I got around to writing!

A few personal highlights of fears broken:

  1. Driving, I got my license already, I am driving around and hopefully soon the car will follow!
  2. Pets, I adopted what I see now as the cutest kitten on earth, his name is Simba and my instagram feed/story is all about him these days.
  3. Networking, have been channeling all of my courage to talk to people more especially in public events, I would say I got better at small talk, a huge improvement!
  4. Writing, not there yet, which is the underlaying reason of this movement!

PS. I am not in any world going to write 100 words a day, but we’ll try a 100 words a week, that we can manage.

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