Saying Goodbye

Since the end of June, it has been the farewell season. Goodbyes are never pretty no matter how peaceful or necessary because they imply an end for something that was beautiful.

Goodbye imply a loss! Of friendship, good times, education, memories, personal connection .. and a lot more. Goodbyes are also part of change, something that is not easy on everyone.

Seeing that I have been saying goodbye a lot lately, in all format and to different kind of people, from a friend to a colleague to a mentor and the list goes on, I still cannot say that I am used to farewells. When you are very busy and your mind is occupied with tens and hundred of things it is very easy to forget to process the emotions, but then reality sink in  very fast!

I discovered that I am to adapt faster than I thought, I learned that with all drama aside I can actually be pretty tough inside, I also learned that I need to make my mind accept the fact of change, that it is a universal never changing rule.

It also helps to be optimistic, I have been lucky enough to meet, friend, and work with a lot of incredible people through out my life, and this is not the end of them, I will still get to meet and work with new incredible people.

This takes me back to when I first started my current employment, how worried I was of not fitting in the team, of the possibility for any reason I won’t belong! And yet things went in a direction that I did not dream off.

Bottom line: Change is difficult, could be unbearable, but it is a nature’s nature, and polishes your personality very well.


  1. I agree, it is hard but somehow we deal with it with ease!

    Is it time that helps us or we are just built to forget?

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