What does being 20 means?

I always asked myself this question. When I was 10! And again when I was 15. I imagined my 20th year being more fancy. I imagined it being so grown up!

The thought I had when I was much younger that 20 was actually something huge and important. -I was a child!-, I had goals to be achieved by the time I completed my 20 years. But now when I’m actually 20 years old -yes today is my birthday- I realize that I’m still too young with so much to learn to able to achieve what I wanted to achieve. Not to mention that while growing up my dreams and wishes changed. My interests grew with me.

What I learned in the past few years is that I need to take things slow in the aspect of growing up, of aging. I learned that a person can be wise and well educated and still keep the child within. A person can have accomplishments and achievements yet still feel and be young. 

I learned that living your young age does not mean acting silly and foolish, and I learned that achieving goals doesn’t mean acting grown up and reserved.

On October 4th I turn 20 years of age. I have not achieved my big dreams yet, but I became the person I wanted to be Alhammduallah. I have accomplished what I now want for myself. and I’m looking forward to accomplishing more and more of my plans and dreams. For me, in my account, this is enough of an accomplishment.

Alhammduallah, I’m happy, and grateful for every aspect of my life. I want more, but I know it will come when I work for it, which is something I plan on doing insha’a Allah.

So, what does being 20 means? It means living your life by combining joy and achievements. 

Happy 20th birthday to me “Arwa”.

Wish me the best years to come, may each year coming be better than the one before ❤

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  1. Arwa,you have definitely learned a lot during the last few years. And, you will learn a lot more in coming years. Life-Long Learning requires a positive attitude towards learning, an open minds to ideas, and the wisdom to pick the right ideas/directions. Be a even greater learner than what you are now. Good luck.

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