Getting Back Again.

In the past two days I’ve been reading a book named “Outliers: The Success Story” by Malcom Gladwell. It’s a very interesting book talking basically about the recipe of success. What makes some people more successful than others?

One of the very interesting points mentioned was “practice”. Practice is what awards talented people with more experience and knowledge and therefore showcases their talent better than anyone else.

It made me think about my interest in writing.

The thing I always try to ask myself when I write is : Is it beneficial? Will someone benefit from what I’m writing? Will it inspire someone? Because these are the outcomes of writings .. You effect people, their ideas and the way they think. If I’m seriously interested in becoming a writer, I need more practice, which means in the meanwhile, I need to blog more.

The thing about blogging and writing is that it’s so simply complicated, or complexly simple. Choose the phrase you like best.
Why is it complicated and simple at the same time?

Because it’s all depends on the set of your mind. If your thinking is not clear you will not be able to write even if you had a million idea to write about it. So, imagine being mentally distracted, or busy minded .. you’ll end up not writing for a very long time.

So in this blog post I’m basically telling myself how I need to get back to writing and blogging as far as my interes in writing exists.

A note to close the post with:
A writer always needs to know what the readers are thinking and what are their impressions after reading his blog .. so whenever you can, please feel free to share your thoughts ❤


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