The Harvard Dream

From years ago when people asked me where I wanted to study, I answered “Harvard”! In my mind that’s one of the dreams. Though with the time and what life did I almost gave up on that dream. Especially when I had to put rules of my own to it. Because of the stories I heard and the people I know.

Lots of people talk about going to prime colleges and the best universities, yet when it’s time and they get the chance to study abroad you find them settling in a college you’ve never heard of!

For a while I thought .. No one got there! It’s the castle only elite can visit, I’ll never get the chance to be a Harvard student!

But as I grow older – a couple of months you know- I realized that a dream is for free! So, why not ?!

I deserve to have big dreams even if I thought they were hard to reach.

So I changed my attitude toward that dream -again- even though I won’t be getting my Bachelor degree from Harvard, and even though my Bachelor diploma is not in any position to be prime or “glamorous” enough to get a Master & PhD degree from Harvard, I’ll search, learn, and work to have that unique factor that would get me to the level of the best colleges of the world.

The reason I want to study at Harvard is mostly because of what Harvard stands for! Great Academic environment, the best lecturers, the best information, the best academic community, the best place to get knowledge! I know that Anyone can read a lot and teach him self but there’s nothing like a great academic environment! It’s about being one of them, being with them, and being everything that knowledge stands for!

For me that’s everything I look for when I study, when I get a diploma I want it to be real from a to z! I don’t want any degree, I want the best. And for me Harvard offers that.

I stop here for what I can tell. But if I had to, I’d need a whole day to analyze all the reasons why I want Harvard, and all the ways how to get there.

I want to conclude with a confession, when I dream big I think of kids, the kid that I once was, and the the kids these days. Kids don’t know impossible. Kids don’t know limits. They dream big, and they act big. So my inspiration is Kids! simple as that. And aren’t we all kids some how ! 😀

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