Inspiration in Youth

Yesterday, Thursday, May 17th 2013 was the day of the forum of “IE Youth” which stands for “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. I wanted to attend that forum so bad. But I couldn’t! For some stupid, silly, really annoying reason.

Anyway. The reason I wanted to attend is because I’m searching for inspiration. I graduated high school with the highest spirit. I’m on the path of achieving my dreams. I’m gonna get my higher education and climb to the top of my successful years. At least that what I thought.

That summer after high school the difficulties started to appear. It started with the college I was forced to join for personal reasons. I began my semester with a broken heart and a broken spirit already. Through out the first semester I was dealing with the loneliness of missing my friends, trying to fit in and work with my new group, to understanding the new environment of college, to dealing with the lecturers and the deanship. Being the leader of my group helped in getting to know all the girls and be the impartial part and that was a good thing but it was not enough. All that happening together caused me a lot emotionally and mentally. I can say because of that I lost almost 60% of my positive spirit.

Then the second semester came with its own disappointment as well. Which only made things worse for me. All that changing doesn’t show. These changes happen to you so slowly, they effect you so little each day that you don’t realize it till a couple of months pass when you suddenly wake up and feel like you don’t even know what happened to you!
Tomorrow Saturday I have my second final exam, and I can safely say I 90% lost the spirit I used to have toward myself and my future. What I want to achieve in the near future and how I imagined my college life would be like.

That doesn’t mean I lost my dreams. It just means I lost that motivation. I lost the hardworking all pinky positive spirit I used to have.

With all that going on in my life and my mind I really needed the Inspiration.

But this is not all.

Lately I’ve been watching a reality show of some kind, one of the people on that show is a 16-year-old girl who’s already living her dream, she’s participating in the show to try a new thing with her life. That was inspiring. I always loved the idea of doing what you want at an early age. Because education never stops. Devoting a 12 years or 16 years to Academic studies only is so wrong!! Because of that, the attitude you gain is “I got enough of knowledge and education and I want to start living”!

What everyone needs, even children, is balance! We need education everyday for the rest of our lives, but for people to be able to do that they need to have a real, balanced life and devout their time to more than one thing.

Go to college and at the same tine do your own projects what ever they may be, painting, photographing, even cooking. Gain profit, knowledge, experience and fun out of it.

Even though the education system in my country doesn’t support anything like that. The amount of energy and time I need to put into studying to get high scores is so much larger than the amount of knowledge and education I gain in the process or as a results! It’s frustrating!

But my personal goal is to work this summer so hard, and achieve the balance I need especially mentally, to be ready next year insha’a Allah when I’m a sophomore at college. I want to be the person I’m dreaming of being.

Insha’a Allah! I’ll do my best to achieve that. And I’ll try my best to write about my experience in this almost finished year. and the year to come. The only things stopping me is that I don’t know if people are really gonna benefit from it or not. Hopefully, they will. Will you?

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