Breaking Down

A break down doesn’t come after one fight! It takes so long. It’s after lots and lots of fights and falls. It gets to you after fighting for too long and not being able to stand it anymore. It comes after breaking your heart and mind, after getting hurt from outside and inside. It comes as a result for being too strong, more than you’re supposed to be. After all that .. The simplest and smallest of things may be the cause of breaking you down. It might be a tough talk from some lecturer, it might be something that has gone wrong, something so silly like getting a bad haircut or not cutting your little sister’s hair right. It might be missing the people that once were so close to you and they promised eternity of being there for you and they’re gone after a couple of months of two years. Breaking down may get to you ’cause you didn’t get into the college you wanted. Things like being self-conscious and not sure of yourself won’t give you any rest. Falling and breaking down is the result of putting up with things you were supposed to let go. And in the End .. It all comes to you, yourself, and your inner fight, which is the fight that if you won, you’d win all fights.

مُشاركاتكم الحكي تُسعدني، فما تحوي عقولكم وتنتج أفكاركم مثيرٌ للإهتمام

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