A Blank head

All day long I get so many ideas, some of them I think are great and people might relate and be inspired. Well, all that disappears the moment I open the tap-window of my browser or the notes on my computer! All the confidence, all the good ideas, all the planing is just blown out to the non-existence wind. So here I am again trying to get the flowing of words from my mind and of course they won’t. ’cause they don’t want to! Which is pathetic actually, who should rule the other, the Author rules his Words ? Or the other way around ?! It’s so confusing! How can a writer be a writer if his words won’t oblige to him and be at his disposal ? It’s like that Tom & Jerry classic tale, not the mouse or the cat wins. It’s an eternal battle. Well, I hope one day I will I can finally get all my ideas down on papers in the form of whatever they are supposed to be.

مُشاركاتكم الحكي تُسعدني، فما تحوي عقولكم وتنتج أفكاركم مثيرٌ للإهتمام

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