Imaginary world – Short Story

This is my frist English assignment for this semester, write a short story in 200 words, the one below is 235 words but more 35 isn’t a big difference right? =D
It’s been a long time since I wrote anything literary in Arabic, and this is my first time writing any thing literary in English. Just wanted to clear this out before I say all criticism and judgment is acceptable. Can’t wait to hear your opinions.

“Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl who lived in the big city. Her name was Rose, she was 5 years old with big brown eyes and smooth chocolate curls. Little Rose lived with her single Mother, and visited her grandmother when the moon was full every month. Living only with her Mother she learned to busy herself and play alone. Every time her Mother couldn’t play with her she’d go to the far corner in their tiny apartment, close her eyes, and imagine herself somewhere else. Somewhere only she knew. She’d use her imagination to draw a world above the sky or under the sea, where birds swims and fishes flies. She’d dive in the clouds and fly in the water. And her best friends, The Bee and The Bunny would be waiting for her to take her to a new adventure. She’d talk to the trees and flowers. Fruits would greet her as she walks by. The rain would fall gently on her cheek but won’t get her beautiful hair wet. The warblers would sing harmonies and melodies in the day, and lullabies at night. She has a white pony with a colored tail, she named him Brave. In her world anything could happen. And every time she end her daydreaming with an image of her Mother and herself, sitting together in the wild prairie smiling, and living happily ever after.”


  1. I love your story! I am also doing my second essay at school and I needed some ideas and I got awesome ones from your story. By the way I am also a Muslim, but from Macedonia!!

  2. i loved it so so so much it could use some improvement but it is a good base for a long beautiful story ❤

  3. I like it. It’s easy to read and follow. A child between the ages of 5-7 will love this short interesting captivating story that me an adult smile. Well done.

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