Wardrobe Makeover

My mom came up with the idea of getting rid of all my old clothes suddenly one day! For some unknown reason and an unexpected gesture she came to me and said it out flat!
I guess her reason might be that I have some pieces of clothes that I owned for maybe 6+ years!
The thing is, I kinda of build a relationship with my things, so it’s hard for me to throw something just for the sake of buying a new one! The last year or so I had to get rid of a lot of things because they were SO out of my style, or because I simply wore them too much. I remember one day last summer I did what I called a “Wardrobe Cleaning” i’s when I take out all the unwearable pieces. But with all that I still had a lot of clothes that I don’t like but still wear for the sake of comfort at home.
I haven’t done a real shopping/buying trip is so long! Which probably explains why I don’t have any sweaters or warm long sleeves shirts. I don’t even have a real Jacket FCOL!

Another thing about me is I’d take Moms or my Sisters old/new/didn’t like clothes so they won’t go to waste. Which also explain why 80% of my jeans are size or two larger! Bad thing, I know.

So, this year came college and I needed a lot of additions for my wardrobe, and I started with the formal attire. studying non-med at UQU means Long skirts were the formal uniform – barely – and I needed a couple of those beside the blazers and shirts, tops, tanks ..etc.

But my college attire hadn’t hit the glamour image I wanted yet!! I majored in Business FCOL and I couldn’t put on a fully formal classy look yet, simply because I hate over dressing at college because it’s gonna be creepy.

Anyway, I did some shopping last summer. And because nothing is simple in my case, I can’t wear “any” skirt or blazer, I needed “the skirt” and “the blazer” Which is only a certain image I drew in my head. I have to look for it in the whole mall and probably get out with empty hands. The problem is no one can keep up with me, and I’m not allowed to walk alone at the mall, so it – the tour the whole mall thing-  never happened! I NEVER toured the whole mall in one day or at a onetime, I always visits the shops I know and by then Mom would be so exhausted and we’d wrap it up. Wish no aunts, no big sisters, and my brother would go all “hell to the no before I go with you” if I only suggested he’d walk with me. So, I’m left with nothing to do, always short on my shopping list, never satisfied! 😦

So the new wardrobe makeover is gonna be like this: Getting rid of all the worn out jeans, old daily dresses. Gonna keep the T-shirts for comfy-needed and sporty times. The shopping list will NOT contain Polos!! I hate polos, they are so boyish in my opinion or for sporty-fashion looks, but not for a female even if it’s for the home-comfy’s sake!  No for dresses, heels, one handbag is allowed, gonna write a list and I better get only what’s on the list. ’cause shopping without a plan means a total waste of money 75% of the times! Trying a new things always helps the refreshment feeling. And I better stay away from White, Ivory, Black, and Grey, ’cause that’s al buying/wearing lately and it’s getting weird LOL.

What actually feels weird is writing this on my blog, the only time I really talked about fashion is with my friend and especially Ahad the sugar -:P- But hey, that’s the best part, it’s only me in here!

sincerely, with Love and Passion


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