You are special…

You are special and different than anyone else. But whether you call yourself “Freak” or “Unique”, that’s your choice. And yours alone.

I believe that being sepcial and different is actually a very good thing, ’cause this is the first sign that you are going to make a difference in this world. We all had our teenages drama years, we all felt low confidence and had low self esteem. But it’s all a matter of mind preseption, you are who you are, but it’s your choice whether to like yourself and believe in it. Or dislike it, hate it, fight it, till you go mad!
You are beautiful, special, and unique, just the way you are. Believe that.

مُشاركاتكم الحكي تُسعدني، فما تحوي عقولكم وتنتج أفكاركم مثيرٌ للإهتمام

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