Dear Self #1


Dear self, I love you. BUT you better start behaving!

I’ll tell you how things are gonna work, if you kept on this mood, you won’t study well, tomorrow you’ll be nervous and so stressed! You won’t be able to complete your studying, you’ll regret every second you wasted. You won’t be able to sleep, you’ll wake up tired and in a bad mood. AND You won’t finish nor achieve as much as you want.

In the Exam you’ll hate yourself more ’cause if you concentrated just a little bit and studied at home you’d know the answers easily. You might feel like crying. You’ll finish the exam feeling stupid and like crap!
When the grade doesn’t come as you pleases, with the credits of 4 it’ll destroy all your hopes and dreams of a high GPA, you still don’t know if the Preparatory Year GPA is gonna be included in the Finale GPA of your major, it might count! So you if you want to get the TA job, you have to score the highest GPA! Otherwise you are going to regret  letting your personal issues comes in the way of your Academic hopes and dreams, a simple action can make things easier, so get up, power your phone off. study, enjoy, and pray.

After the exam you can dedicate these lines to the whole subject and dance to it!

Since you’ve been gone,

I can breath for the first time,

I’m so moving on, Yeah, Yeah!

Till then, be in control and study, you don’t hate it that much and it’s not that bad, you’ve done it once and you can do it again and better insha’a Allah!

Sincerely with Love and Passion,

Yourself, Arwa

PS: Building self esteem and confidence etc. Never mind the manner of writing =P

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