College Finales

As I mentioned somewhere before, I’m a freshman at UQU – PYB, hoping to major in Business Management Insha’a Allah. I have Four subjects this semester, Four finales, and 15 Days to finish my last one! Already one is down “English. and This Tuesday I have Math, I didn’t start studying yet and I’m starting to fear something xD
But I’m planning on starting tomorrow morning insha’a Allah.

In high school I rarely got the full mark! I know I’m supposed to be a perfectionist and get everything, best but not this one. If I wanted to get the full mark I knew I had to study much harder, take longer hours, and I couldn’t do that! I tried, hard. But it just wasn’t for me. I struggled with Math and Physics, I stayed home all three days and studied all day long but it just didn’t work out, I couldn’t concentrate enough, I took breaks longer that the studying sessions it selves, I got bored very easily! I tried to think of it as science, and study it as a permanent “must have” knowledge. It still didn’t work out. Eventually I let my poor broken heart move on and accept the fact that I’m not gonna ever get the 100%, and he did Alhammduallah.

BUT in college, things are different. I liked the style and manner of the exams, I felt challenged! The exams weren’t about how much you memorized, but how well did you understand and acknowledge what you studied, sometimes even the lecturer lectures aren’t enough – Honestly till now they were all not enough expect for Math!- So my plan for the time being is score as high as possible on the grade’s scale so i can major in BM insha’a Allah without any problems. Wish me luck. And I wish you all dear reader all the luck and goodness.

Sincerely, with Love and Passion.

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