Beyond the Bright Eyes

I always thought a person’s eyes reflects his inner self, his heart and soul, and what he thinks. But somehow I didn’t see that a lot, I can’t always look into someone’s eyes! No matter how well I knew this person! I don’t know if it’s a problem with me, but I rarely remember looking right into someone’s eyes! I only remember that one incident at school, the whole class was in one of the classrooms and we were to be lectured for something we’ve done commonly, the school thought it was out of line and outrageous etc. But I didn’t agree with them! Maybe we should have played it their way but things wouldn’t have ended as we needed, so we played it our way and got what we wanted and the results were excellent! I don’t regret what we’ve done till this day! So the school’s Academic Advisor who sometime -somehow- plays Headmaster in these situations was giving us a piece of her mind and looking me in the eye, I was in the last row – we had only three rows- and she was talking to me most of the time! I honestly wanted to laugh at some point, I mean come on, give me a break! I know I encouraged the girls, I know you knew that. So what? I looked into her eyes to make it clear that I didn’t think what we done was a mistake! Funny and kinda silly I know =D
 But since then I noticed I can’t look into someone’s eye directly, it’s like their eyes aren’t there! LOL If that ever made sense.
One thing I like the most is when someone smiles with their eyes! How’s that you might wonder? That’s when someone’s smiles not only with their lips but also their whole face, and their eyes wrinkles at the corners. It’s then I believe they’re smiling truly from their heart not only a fake smile!
  I love that, I love smiles & smiley people, they light up the mood for the whole day sometimes! Besides, it’s a good deed! So, why not ?! I’m just sayin =D

Sincerely, with Love and Passion


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