Past 101

I can’t remember the last time i wrote something more than the 140 letters that Twitter offers =D
BTW I’m a Twitter addict, I just love it so much!

Anyway, what i wanted to talk about in this post, is what actually got me to this whole blog!

In the past year, i graduated high school, got into college, finished my first semester, and with the first day of the new year I had my first finale exam, it was English alhammduallah, and it had the highest amount of credits, so I’m hopeful and not very stressed, till now.

My first semester at college was honestly a disastrous, it was so freaking boring. I got into CBM – College of Business Management at UQU, i have something called Preparatory or Orientation year as my first year at college, which is good. BUT i have only four subjects Math, Computer Skills, English, & Active Learning Skills. Just like high school!! Same subjects, same affairs. The only new and exciting thing about college is my group. Honestly i was scared in my first day at college, i know i have two of my schoolmates with me, but I’m not very close to them, only formal relationship. On our first day i met one of them at the inside gate and we went looking for our classroom together. The Building they put us in is quite old and polluted. It doesn’t feel like college in there at all! A big school is more like it. We found our classroom after a long searching operation, we found out that what is supposed to be our classroom has actually been an office, previously,  so there is no sign or anything on it. And the name? Quite unique! A001 ! The lost Classroom as the girls called it. It actually looks like a classroom in school, and yet we have ALL our lectures there expect Lab, and one ALS!

So, yeah, college life has been quite boring till almost half of the semester, when the Midterm – or Periodical in Math’s case – started! Suddenly we have to study in a new way, take a new exam that comes in a freaky manner, and I started to realize that things have changed. My marks so far aren’t bad but they aren’t good enough for my taste either, though they say in college you only hope to pass! LOL I’m trying not to think of this quote all the time, only when necessary!

My Group is so interesting, we are the highest level in English in Management major, BUT we are 27-28 girls with the levels 2,3 & 4! Why is that? Because there aren’t enough girls to start a new group for their level, so, we’re all studying level 2. They said you could benefit from reviewing etc. But so far it has been plain boredom expect when the girls had their presentations, that’s the only time we enjoyed the lecture.

In Math, i had a problem with it since i was a child, Math was never for me i guess, but in college i somehow GOT IT, i understood it, and Alhammduallah our lecturer is a very good one. My firs periodical was a good pass, but the second was a happy shock Alhammduallah. I’m honestly going to miss our Math’s lecturer, she called me today to inform me that she nominated me for the Mathematics Activities. 😀 Alhammduallah.

In Computer skills we got taught by a TA, she was good, took things a little bit personally at first, but when we really got a long i think she went easy on us a little bit -a lot-! Besides, Computer sucks ’cause it’s boring & you can’t help it. No one likes taking the theory parts, all that history about computer processors makes me sleepy. And the practical part is nothing more than Microsoft Office threesome “Word, Excel, PowerPoint”,  Windows 8, & Internet! DUH There’s nothing new in here! But the TA was a sweetheart masha’a Allah, i liked her.

Active Learning Skills is a subject that should not exists, talking about Priorities, Learning  & Thinking etc but in the worst of ways. And our lecturer ? I liked her a little at first, then disliked her, then liked her, then really, really disliked her, then liked her, then the project came and i disliked her completely! I try not to judge, but i can’t help disliking her, my heart won’t accept it. Things has been like riding a roller coaster, emotionally i mean!

Comparing all this to high school, high school seems like a piece of cake! I loved high school so much Alhammduallah. But it’s another journey I’m going to write about in another post insha’a Allah.

Sincerely, with Love and Passion.



  1. U 1st fan is here ^.^
    I like ur way of thinking .. Very unique very inspairing ❤ i’ll try to read every single word of ur posts ❤ i really liked what u said about using English as a mask .. U wrote in a few words what i’ve been trying to say for ages >.> my english isn’t as good as yours so sorry for any mistakes :$

    Sara 🙂

    1. I’m so glad it’s you ❤ Thank you so much for your kind words sweetheart.
      PS: Your English is amazing masha'a Allah, we all need more practise, that's all. 🙂

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