A New Start in a New Place

Well, well, well!

Her i am, starting in a new blog trying to make a new beginning, with everything going on with my life, I need a space where I can scream and shout and let it all out =D
But in here, it’s not only screaming and shouting but also thinking, in here it’s me, myself, & I trying to make peace with each other!

Why in English ?
I’ll tell a secret because it’s a new year, obviously, and a new blog. English is my MASK! Sounds silly, maybe, but there is always a chance of someone not understanding everything well, Someone feeling lazy to read my thoughts. so it’s safer for me! 

I love Arabic, I’m proud of being Arabian, I love everything about it honestly, but when it comes to expressing my thoughts, myself, and my mind, i don’t like to be totally exposed!

So, don’t be so judgemental, it’s not acceptable! I won’t accept it at all.

BUT this doesn’t mean I won’t write in Arabic, ’cause i will.

For me, language is just a way of expressing yourself, and that’s what i am trying to do here. Don’t care about the writing rules, I’m only writing for myself!

Hopefully my writing will inspire people someday, especially the peoplei know and care about. I strongly hope someday I’d be brave enough to write in Arabic, clearly and honestly.

I think it’ll be weird welcoming anyone here since I frankly doubt anyone would visit. But who ever does, and who ever you might be, welcome to my world! As sad as I’m sorry it’s not a Disney kind of worlds.

Sincerely, with love and passion.


2 thoughts on “A New Start in a New Place

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